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Corporate communication is managing an organizations internal and external communications which includes public relations, advertising, marketing communications, marketing. Corporate communication serves as the liaison between an organization and its publics.

It is the total communication activity generated by a company and directed at all relevant target groups to achieve its planned objectives and create favorable relationships with stakeholders on which the company depends.

At RhaConsulting we help organisations disseminate information by a variety of specialists and generalists using most modern communication tools and channels with the aim of enhancing the clients organization's vision and mission.

We develop comprehensive communication strategy and plans, and activities as well as provide intensive capacity building for employees.
Organisations need communication to:

  • Acquire resources they need in order to operate.
  • Communicate with different stakeholders.
  • Communication with employees to increase their loyalty.
  • Influence the environment within which they operate.
  • Improve the image.
  • Encourage all employees to work together to support the company's objectives.
  • Develop the corporate branding

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